Kristina Cowell

Valentine’s Day Package! Quick shoot: $30 for 30 minutes and 5+ edited photos. Hour shoot: $45 for 1 hour and 10+ edited photos.
I'm Kristina, currently a senior in high school. Planning to attend CU Boulder in the fall. Hobbyist photographer. I love landscape & travel photography, but am also developing a new love for portrait photography.
I haven’t developed too much of a unique style yet, but if I could throw out a couple of random words to describe my photography they would be: outdoors, natural light, 3-5pm, full of life. Now, I love studio pictures as much as the next guy, but you can do that anywhere. I think it’s the red rock Morrison has to offer, geometry downtown Denver has, and natural feel a park has to offer that make an image speak. I am nowhere near professional photographer status, but I strive to be the best I can be at this point in time & grow with every experience.
I'm available for almost anything, senior pictures, photojournalism; you name it – at a much lower price than ‘the professionals.’
Materials: -Canon T2i -Canon 18-55mm lens -Canon 55-250mm f/4-5.6 Telephoto Lens

For senior pictures:

-Please let me know your preferred date & time for the shoot – 2+ weeks in advance would be great. -Let me know if you have preferred destination for your shoot. Suggestions/examples include: Rock Rocks, Downtown Denver, Wash Park, Downtown Littleton, Bellview park, the mountains.
When making an appointment please include: -Name: -E-mail: -Phone: -Preferred date(s): -Preferred location: *send to:
Note: Prices are not set in stone and can vary – depending on the time/occasion. After contact, I will try and make a price that works for both you and me, after all there are a lot of expenses that go into photography. However, note that the client will have to pay for the prints.

Also: I'm looking for models to help build my portfolio! Contact me for more info!